Blogs for Adoptees (according to Blisstree…)

OK, I swore I was going to sleep, but then I found the list, “The Best of the Best: Top 50 Adoption Blogs” from Blisstree. Seriously, how could I pass this up?

They even did the hard part for me and separated the blogs by category, one of which is “Adoptees.” Check out these four blogs by adopted children  (note: I didn’t list the others b/c they’re private):

  • Harlow’s Monkey is written by a social worker who is halfway through her doctoral program and who believes that social work goes beyond saving and helping people and into reform, empowerment. She’s currently continuing to strive to be an agent for change at the University of Minnesota. She was adopted when she was 3, and she is unapologetic for her thoughts and views. I like the way she thinks
  • Ethnically Incorrect Daughter – I got so caught up in her stories right off the bat that I didn’t really think of how I’d describe this, so I let her say it for herself. From her profile: A Vietnamese adoptee and her thoughts about the past, how it’s shaped the present and what it could mean for the future.
  • 3 Generations of Adoption – again, these writers can speak for themselves (and very well, I might add): Adoption from two sides of the triad over three generations. Not just one stance on one issue, but stance after stance after stance after stance…..
  • Ungrateful Little Bastard is written by an adoption rights activist with awesome resources, check it out.

The blog also led me to blogs on the topic of infertility, another reason I’m here. I’m adding those blogs to the mix, not only because I am proud of their bravery in sharing their stories, but they also are some of the most heartwarming journeys. To start, here are a few…

  • Turns out you can be a little pregnant.
  • So Close: Life after infertility
  • Musings from Lollipop who is joined in life (and blog) by Josh, Chickinob and Wolvog (her husband and their twins, respectively).
  • And this became my personal favorite the moment I read the title (gotta love women who keep their sense of humor): And I Wasted All that Birth Control. The blogger is a self-proclaimed unsafe mommy blogger. You’ve been warned.

Now I’ll turn off James Koo’s (sick) beats and add these and more blogs to the links tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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