When adoption doesn’t work

When I think about adopting, I focus solely on the hurdles that lie in the path of hopeful parents seeking to adopt a child. I rarely consider the trials and tribulations that come after the ‘I’s are dotted and the ‘T’s are crossed on the last bit of paperwork.

I stumbled on the New York Times’ Motherlode a few months ago but only recently found this Aug. 2009 post: “Terminating an Adoption.” The title honestly caught my attention because I expected the third word to be “pregnancy.” At second glance, my mind still didn’t understand those three words placed together. And while I narrowed my eyes and furrowed my brow as I read the woman’s story – how she terminated an adoption after 18 months – I unexpectedly found a beautifully heartbreaking story of strength. I’ve said before that all the people who made decisions that led to my adoption did the right thing – my birth family, my parents…. This woman, in my humble opinion, is no different.

Read Anita Tedaldi’s story, “My Adopted Son.”


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