Children know it all: The right response

After finishing the piece by the father mentioned in my previous post, I continued reading more adoptive parents’ posts on Adoptive Families’ website, and this one touched my heart. I had to share it:

A reader named Ann wrote at 10:42 a.m. June 25:
My cousin’s 6 year old daughter was watching my son, who is adopted from Korea, when she asked me if he was adopted. I said “Yes, how do you know that?” She said “Because he doesn’t look like you.” Her 4 year old brother was playing near by and said “What do you mean he doesn’t look like her. What is he supposed to look like? He looks like a boy.” Perfect answer from a 4 year old!

Ah, the innocence and honest beauty of youth. To read others’ pieces and responses to Adoptive Families‘ post, visit their site


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